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Beep beep I am AK_INSANE 30 something from the south west of the United Kingdom. I have been passionate about video games and exoring the world’s created in them since I can remember. I love the escapism that they have to offer no matter how bad of a day I may have had I can always dive into a world of my choosing. I began streaming properly back in 2016 with the idea of having a clown themed stream, at that time a new Joker had been announced for the big screen (suicide squad) this set off a fascination of clowns. My other half come up with the idea and we stuck to the clown theme as you know today while making small changes here and there. I have always said if I can make one person laugh/smile a day then my task is complete. I truly love my hobbie as a streamer I have never been so passionate about something as I have with streaming on TwitchTV, sharing my gaming experiences with wonderful people all over the world while making great friends what more can a clown need? I look forward to what the future holds and the many doors that open up